Borang BE 2008 - Section A (Personal details)

A1. Warganegara / Citizenship

Write down your citizenship (‘MY’ for Malaysia). For other countries, please refer to pages 131 – 135 in

A2. Jantina / Gender
1 - for male
2 - for female

A3. Status pada 31-12/2008 / Status as at 31-12-2008
1 - for Single
2 - for Married
3 - for Widowed
4 - for Dead

A4. Tarikh Kahwin/Cerai/Mati / Date of marriage/divorce/death
Write down the date of marriage/divorce/death

A5. Jenis Taksiran / Type of Assessment
1 for Joint assessment under the husband’s name
2 for Joint Assessment under the wife’s name
3 for Separate Assessment
4 for Individual Assessment where the husband/wife has no taxable income

A6. Ketetapan Umum Dipatuhi / Public Ruling Observed
1 for Yes
2 for No.

What are Public Rulings ? They are rulings issued by the IRB to explain how certain incomes are taxed by the IRB. They are very technical and very detailed and can be confusing. They can be viewed at

There is only “Yes” and “No” to choose from. You cannot choose “No” because that would be telling the IRB that you have not complied to their rulings. If you put “Yes”, that would imply that you have read and understood all the rulings, which is something not quite possible for non-technical people. There are some experts who advise that we leave this item “Blank” without filling up just to ensure that we are not caught unaware of things we do not know. There is no right or wrong to this practice.

A7. Alamat Surat-menyurat / Correspondance Address

A8. No. Telefon / Telephone Number

A9. No. Majikan / Employers Number
This can be found at the top left hand corner of your Form EA or EC. The number starts with an “E”.

A10. E-mel / E-mail address (if any)

A11. Nama bank / Name of Bank

A12. No. Akaun bank / Bank account number
Information on A11 & A12 is mainly for the IRB to make payment to your bank account directly if there is any overpayment of tax and for repayment cases.

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