Borang BE 2008 - Section F - H

Section F : Tax Status for the Year of Assessment 2008

F1. Tax Payable
From E14.


F2. Scheduler Tax Deductions (STD) paid in 2008 (Item D[1]) in your Form EA.
Include those of your husband/wife if you had chosen ‘Combined Assessment’ in A5 and has declared his/her income in C17.

F3. Balance of Tax Payable
F1 – F2
The balance of tax payable must be settled before 30 April 2009. You can make payment at any payment counter at Public Bank or CIMB Bank. Fill up the details using the payment slip CP501 attached in the Form BE.

F4. OR : Tax Overpaid
F2 – F1.

Section G : Prior Years Income Not Reported Previously

G1. – G5

If you are a salaried employee, this will be shown in Item F in your Form EA. Just copy exactly the same thing to here.

Section H : Estate Administrator’s Information

If the person named in the Form BE is deceased, you have to fill up the details of the authorised administrator of the estate.

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