Borang BE 2008 - Section B (Details of husband/wife)

B1. Nama Suami/Isteri / Name of Husband/Wife

B2. No. Rujukan Cukai / Income Tax File number
For explanation on “SG” or “OG”, please refer to item 2 on Personal Information.
Under "Separate Assessment", the wife will have a different Income Tax File number from her husband.
Under "Combined Assessment", the wife’s Income Tax file number is the same as the husband’s except the last digit is 1 instead of 0. (for 1st wife)
For eg. Husband’s file No. SG12345678-90(0)
1st. wife’s file No. SG12345678-90(1)
2nd. wife’s file No. SG12345678-90(2)

B3. No. K/P Baru / New I/C No.

B4. No. K/P Lama / Old I/C No.

B5. No. Polis / Police Identification No. (if applicable)

B6. No. Tentera / Armed Forces Identification No. (if applicable)

B7. No. Pasport / Passport No.

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