Borang BE 2008 - Section C (Statutory & Total Income)

C1. Employment Fill up your total employment income shown in the ‘Total’ row just before item ‘D’ in your Form EA. If you have any claimable expenses which has not been taken into account by your employer, you may deduct them from this total figure and put the net amount. The claimable deductions include :- i) Any subscriptions paid to professional bodies related to your job or profession, eg. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Architects Board, Engineers Board, etc. ii) Additional travelling expenses on top of the exemptions of RM6,000 for official purposes, supported by receipts and evidence of travel C2. Dividends List your dividends received in 2008 in the Work Sheet enclosed with the Form BE (HK-3). Put the total Gross Dividend marked “X” in here. For tax-exempt dividends, they are not required to be listed. Note that only Dividends received from companies only be listed. Dividends received from Unit Trust companies are to be declared in C6 (Other income) C3. Interests or Discounts This does NOT included the interests from banks’ savings or fixed deposit accounts. They are already taxed at source or exempted. C4. Rent, royalty and premium i) Rent - Net rental only needs to be reported. Keep a record of gross rent received less allowed expenses. If rental loss, put ‘0’. What expenses can be claimed from rental income ? ii) Royalty – Please note that some royalties are tax-exempt. iii) Premium – Not common C5. Pension, annuity and other scheduled payment i) Pension - derived from Malaysia due to ill health or retirement upon reaching the age of 55 years is exempted ii) Annuity – Annuity income from estates of deceased persons or trust funds iii) Other scheduled payments – Others not mentioned above C6. Other income or profits Other income which is taxable only. This include Dividends received from Unit Trust companies. Method of calculation is the same as dividends received from companies. C7. Aggregate income Total of C1 to C6 C8. Donations to government or local government C8A. Donations to approved institution or organisations. In order to know if your donation is to an approved institution or organisation, please check the official receipts if it is stated that it is exempted from tax under Sec.44(6) of the Income Tax Act, 1967. Alternatively, the IRB's website has a list of all approved donations. C9. Donations or contributions to approved sports organisations. C10. Donations to approved projects Total amount can be claimed from C8A to C10 is subject to a maximum of 7% of Aggregate Income (C7). (Increased to 10% from 2009.) C11. Gift of artefacts, manuscripts or paintings C12. Donations to libraries (maximum RM20,000) C13. Donations or gifts for public amenities for the disabled C14. Donations or gifts to any medical bodies approved by the Ministry of Health (maximum RM20,000) C15. Gift or paintings to the Balai Seni Lukis Negara/National Art Gallery C16. Total Income (self) C7 less C8 to C15 C17. Income aggregated from husband or wife for combined assessment Only if you have opted for combined assessment. C18. Total combined income C16 + C17

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