Borang BE 2008 - Personal Information

  1. Nama – Write your full name as per I/C

  2. No. Rujukan Cukai – Write down your Income Tax File Number. This usually starts with either SG or OG. “SG” refers to “Salaries Group” meaning your income is mainly from salaried. “OG” refers to “Others Group”

  3. No. K/P Baru – Write down your New I/C number

  4. No K/P Lama – Write down your old I/C number

  5. No. Polis – If you are a police officer, you will have a special ‘Police Identification No.’

  6. No. Tentera – If you are in the Armed Forces, you will have a special ‘Armed Forces Identification number’

  7. No. Passport Semasa – The passport number that you are having now. Your passport number will be given to the Immigration Department to stop you from leaving the country if you have defaulted on Income Tax

  8. No. Pasport Terakhir Didaftar Dengan LHDNM – Your old passport number registered with the IRB

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